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Pacific Smiles Dental Implant Center in Redondo Beach has been providing quality dental implants to happy patients for over a decade. Not only do we specialize in Implant Dentistry, but we also specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry to provide a comprehensive service to every one of our patients needing Dental Implants and a smile that looks natural. From the day a patient first comes in for an initial consultation to the day they walk out with a full set of teeth with a beautiful, natural looking smile, Dr. Kim looks over every step of the way to ensure success. Below we answer the common questions patients have about Dental Implants.

How do Dental Implants work?

Here at Pacific Smiles, we take care of the Dental Implant process from the beginning to the end. Often times dental offices perform only part of the process, for example, placing the dental implant in and sending the patient to a Cosmetic dentist to place the final crown on. Although this process works, the best chance a patient has to end up with the most authentic and best aesthetics of the final product (a natural looking smile) is if the same dentist performs the whole process, as this enables him/her to meticulously plan and place the implant in along with the placement of the crown at just the right angles, location, etc.

After an initial consultation with Dr. Kim that includes a Complimentary 3-D CT scan of your teeth, he will go over the options for treatment as well as virtually plan the ideal position of your Dental Implant(s). During the actual surgery, this pre-planned position will be duplicated in real life thanks to our high-tech surgically guided implant technology, providing a much safer and more accurate surgery compared to traditional practices.

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How much do Dental Implants cost?

There is a wide range of prices out there when it comes to dental implants, starting from $1,299 on upwards to even $5,000. The overall cost of treatment comes down to a few factors: the type of implant being used, the type of abutment being used, the type of crown placed on the Dental Implant, as well as what’s included in the whole process by your Implant Dentist.

We currently have a special offer for Dental Implants at $3,000 per Implant that includes:

  • The Initial Consultation
  • 3D-CT Scan
  • Dental Implant
  • Implant Crown

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What type of Dental Implants do you use?

This is an excellent question, as it is quite important to know the quality of the implants that will be used if you plan on getting them. As with most products, there are quality brand name Implants as well as generic clone Implants; Dr. Kim has decided not to use clone Implants due to their outdated technology. After using several brands in the past decade, Dr. Kim has settled on the MegaGen Anyridge Dental Implant as his implant of choice. It’s a Premium Implant with advanced features as to the surface treatment and connection type that has many years of proven success.

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How long have you been practicing Implant Dentistry?

Dr. Kim has been placing Dental Implants for over a decade, with proven success shown through his patients smiles and testimonials.

Dr. Kim received his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 2003, and having founded Pacific Smiles in 2006, has been providing quality Dentistry for patients for over a decade. Dr. Kim received over 1000 hours of additional training in Cosmetic Dentistry as well as the surgical placement and restoration of Dental Implants, and is now only one of 400 Dentists Board Certified in Implant Dentistry.

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Having been open for over a decade, Pacific Smiles has had repeated patient satisfaction with successful results. Dr. Kim has performed many difficult Implant Dentistry and Cosmetic cases, leaving the patient with a beautiful smile that looks natural.



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