Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal Therapy)

Dr. Fred J. Kim and his professional staff provide Endodontic Therapy, or Root Canal Therapy, which is the treatment of the infected pulp of a tooth. A tooth’s pulp is made up of living tissue and cells that make up the center of a tooth. When a tooth is damaged due to decay or injury that threatens its health, Endodontic Therapy is a viable solution to restore the health of the tooth as well as prevent future infection.

Here at Pacific Smiles, we can help assess your oral health and address any damaged teeth with the right treatment. Whether your teeth have been damaged due to periodontal disease or impact due to an injury, our restorative dental services can help bring them back to health.

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For more information or to find out if Endodontic (Root Canal) Therapy is the right treatment for you, call Pacific Smiles today and Dr. Kim and his professional staff will help assess the right treatment to help restore your teeth back to health.

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