Redondo Beach Dental Implant Special Offer

A Dental Implant Special Offer from your South Bay Dental Implant Center in Los Angeles

Redondo Beach Dental Implant Special Offer

Pacific Smiles Dental Implant Center has a special offer for Dental Implants at the price of $3,000 per Implant, including the Crown, the 3D-CT Scan, and the Initial Consultation. This all-inclusive Implant package provides a comprehensive solution for replacing a missing, broken, or lost tooth (or teeth) under a Board Certified, highly experienced Implant Dentist in Redondo Beach, California. Dr. Fred Kim has over a decade of experience in Implant Dentistry, crafting beautiful smiles from a range of cases from the simple to the more complex.

Dental Implant Special: $3,000

This inclusive offer includes:

– Initial Consultation
– 3D-CT Scan
– Dental Implant
– Implant Crown

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Don’t miss out on this special offer we currently have going on, prices are subject to change without notice. Contact us today to schedule your free Dental Implant Consultation, we are happy to help create that beautiful smile for you that will last a lifetime.