All-On-4® Dental Implants

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Have Missing Teeth or Loose Dentures? Introducing All-On-4®

All-On-4 ® Dental Implants

The All-on-4® treatment concept is the modern solution for all missing teeth. It is an innovative technique which can dramatically improve the quality of your life by allowing you to eat the foods you enjoy and smile like you once did. The procedure involves utilizing between 4-6 implants to replace a full set of missing teeth.

The All-on-4® solution is designed for patients who have a limited amount of bone and/or a limited budget. All-on-4® is an alternative dental implant solution that maximizes the use of available bone for immediate use using just four implants!   This technique has a 98.5% success rate at the four-year follow-up and has been provided to patients for over ten years.

Patients missing all their teeth are typically forced to wear traditional, unsecured dentures which in many cases have limited success. Traditional dentures can be painful, inconvenient, and unstable, making simple tasks like eating or speaking difficult or uncomfortable. The All-on-4® treatment option is a solution to these problems, as there is no palate or excess material, and it is not removable.

Because of this unique and innovative technique, one of the largest benefits to the procedure is that extensive bone grafting and/or sinus grafts can be eliminated. This significantly reduces the expense as well the total length of treatment to just a couple months.

A man with no teeth (before) and then with a full set of teeth (after), showing the all-on-four dental implant procedure done by Dr. Kim

Actual case completed by Dr. Kim

The Benefits of All-On-4® Dental Implants

Patients who will benefit most from this procedure are those that are currently wearing dentures or for those patients who have multiple missing teeth, or teeth that are severely broken down, decayed, or in the process of being removed.

There are many benefits to the All-on-4 ® technique, including:

  • An attractive and natural looking solution for missing teeth
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Reduces overall cost drastically when compared to single implants
  • Eliminates the need for bone grafting and/or sinus grafts in most cases
  • Allows for easy maintenance through proper oral hygiene
  • Restores your ability to eat the foods that you want
  • Relieves the frustrations of removable appliances with fixed, permanent teeth
  • Long-term results
  • Bone level stabilization
  • Gives the functionality and feel like natural teeth
  • Gives a greater self-confidence and overall quality of life
  • Enhances your smile in just one day!

All-On-4® Consultation

Dr. Kim will evaluate your complimentary 3-D CT scan findings with you and give you an honest assessment. Based upon your needs, expectations, and budget, he will review your options from the most simple to the most complex solution in a hassle-free, no pressure manner.

If you think All-on-4® is the right solution for you, schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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I have heard about being able to replace missing teeth and dentures in just one visit with “Teeth-in-a-Day.” What is it all about?

Utilizing the All-on-4® treatment concept, Teeth-in-a-Day is the procedure in which 4-6 implants are placed and a full set of teeth are connected to the implants on the same day. So, you can walk in with a denture, or with a set of missing or broken teeth, and leave with a complete set of teeth in just one day.

How is it possible to replace teeth in one day?

Teeth-in-a-Day is possible thanks to extensive pre-planning utilizing 3D-CT scan technology and advanced Implant techniques. After just 1 or 2 prior planning visits, Dr. Kim “virtually” plans your surgery before the actual surgery has even taken place. Three-dimensional surgical guides are manufactured based upon this plan, and a full set of teeth are fabricated before the surgery date. On the actual surgery date, due to meticulous pre-planning and experience by Dr. Kim, the procedure runs smoothly and efficiently so you are able to leave with a full set of functioning teeth in just one day.

What are the steps of the procedure?

Before the procedure begins, you will be comfortably numbed by our board certified anesthesiologist so that you will feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure.  Four dental implants are then placed according to where the bone volume is best.  Once the implants have been placed, the new or existing denture is used as the framework for a temporary set of teeth that will be attached that day.

Once the bone has fully integrated with the implant (3-4 months), the temporary teeth are removed and the new, final set of teeth are made and anchored into place permanently.

Is All-on-4® the right procedure for me?

Patients who will benefit most from this procedure are those that are currently wearing dentures or for those patients who have multiple missing teeth, or teeth that are severely broken down, decayed, or in the process of being removed.

Our Ideal patient is someone who is already familiar with the procedure, or one who has done their research on it so that an evaluation will be the best worth of their time. Then a consultation will help educate them as to how Pacific Smiles Dental Implant Center is different from others.

Do I need a referral for this procedure?

No referral is necessary. If you think the All-on-4® procedure is right for you, call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Is this procedure performed routinely? 

Dr. Kim has routinely performed this procedure with exceedingly great results, resulting in very happy and satisfied patients. With over 10 years of experience placing dental implants, including at least 1000 implants placed in the last five years, Dr. Kim is extremely proficient. Dr. Kim is Board Certified by the American Board of Implant Dentistry, as well as a credentialed member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Because of his experience, Dr. Kim has been able to streamline the process and make it a seamless and efficiently-run procedure.

Read more about Dr. Fred J. Kim.

How much does All-on-4® cost?

This procedure ranges from $22-28k per arch. Dr. Kim is willing to provide various cost options based upon the patient’s budget. However, each case is different and is dependent on a variety of factors including whether the patient has any remaining teeth, they currently wear dentures, the sedation option or the temporary option is chosen, etc. A consultation with Dr. Kim will help gauge the best options to take for each individual patient and their situation as well as provide them with various budget options.

What is included in the cost of this procedure?

  • A comprehensive, 3-D Computerized Tomography Implant Plan
  • Fabrication of surgical guide for precise and safe implant placement
  • All teeth removal
  • Bone grafting/removal where indicated
  • Placement of 4-6 implants where indicated
  • Teeth-In-A-Day temporary option for patients to walk out with permanent teeth
  • Final Zirconia/porcelain Implant Bridge, after patient’s final approval

Note: Not included with the fee is the cost of sedation, which is payable directly to the anesthesiologist. An approximate sedation rate is about $1,500 for a single arch and $2,000 if both arches.

Why Pacific Smiles Dental Implant Center?

Most centers will make their final teeth out of Acrylic or PMMA. For a similar fee, Dr. Kim provides a higher-end restoration with the final teeth made out of zirconia and layered with porcelain for optimal aesthetics, strength and durability. This is the major differentiating factor between our center and others.

Read more about the quality of our materials below.

A woman showing missing teeth in her upper jaw

A headshot of a woman showing a full set of teeth after all on four implants put in by Dr. Kim

Actual case completed by Dr. Kim

Sarah's smiling with damaged and decayed teeth before having all-on-four dental implants

A headshot of Sarah's smile showing her full set of teeth after having all-on-four dental implants by Dr. Kim at Pacific Smiles

Actual case completed by Dr. Kim

Chongrae smiling with uneven and missing teeth before having all-on-four implants

A headshot of Chongrae's smile showing her full set of teeth after having all-on-four dental implants by Dr. Kim at Pacific Smiles

Actual case completed by Dr. Kim

Quality of Our Materials

We assure you the utmost quality of our products here at Pacific Smiles Dental Implant Center. While some implant centers might reduce the total cost of treatment by providing final teeth made out of a lower cost material, such as acrylic or PMMA, with us (regardless of the cost option chosen), the final teeth will always be made out of zirconia and layered with porcelain. We use teeth made from these higher-end materials for optimal aesthetics, strength and durability for our patients.

What Kind of Dental Implant Does Dr. Kim Place?

The honest fact is that whether a Dental Implant is a generic clone or a premium implant, they all work! So while generic or clone implants have been proven to be very successful in a wide variety of applications, Dr. Kim has made the decision to not use generic or clone implants because they are essentially copies of well known implants, but utilizing old technology.

Having used multiple systems in the last 10 years, starting with Straumann, then Astra, Dr. Kim has selected the MegaGen Anyridge Dental Implant as his go-to implant. It is a Premium Implant with years of proven success and has cutting edge features in regards to the surface treatment and connection type. He believes it is the future of dental implants, as many of the major three implant companies are now starting to come out with their own versions of implants which duplicate the Megagen Anyridge Implant design.