Tooth Fillings

Composite (Tooth-Colored) Fillings

Cavities are an unfortunate result of decay in teeth that can lead to pain or discomfort while eating, inflammation around the affected tooth, or even tooth loss. Although cavities are common, they need to be treated quickly and properly in order to prevent further tooth decay and damage to your overall oral health. A common restorative treatment for a cavity is a tooth filling, where material is used to fill the hole in the tooth where the cavity has been removed, restoring the function and integrity of the structure of the affected tooth.

There are a few different materials used for tooth fillings, including metal, porcelain, and composite. These days, Silver/Mercury (“Amalgam”) material is becoming a thing of the past. Here at Pacific Smiles, all of our fillings are Composite – an aesthetic, white material that contains no metal. Using this material, the filling virtually “disappears”, blending in with the natural color of your teeth. By having a composite filling, you can be assured you’ll have a confident smile without the “metallic” look other fillings can leave.

Contact Pacific Smiles today if you are experiencing discomfort or pain in the mouth and we can help assess the right treatment for you. Our Composite Fillings will restore your teeth back to their proper levels of structural integrity as well as leave them in great condition aesthetically.

A before-photo of one of Dr. Kim's patients with decayed teeth and silver fillings
An after-photo of one of Dr. Kim's patients with new tooth colored fillings


Having been open for over a decade, Pacific Smiles has had repeated patient satisfaction with successful results. Dr. Kim has performed many difficult Implant Dentistry and Cosmetic cases, leaving the patient with a beautiful smile that looks natural.



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The Visit

Dr. Kim will provide an honest assessment and review all your cosmetic or dental implant needs. And based upon your expectations and budget he will review all your options from the very basic to the most complex in an informative and easy to understand manner.

Fred J. Kim, DDS, FAAID
Meet The Expert

Fred J. Kim, DDS, FAAID

Dr. Kim and his caring staff are truly committed to providing the best, comfortable and positive experience in an honest and non-confrontational manner. Our goal is to offer high quality Dental Implant and Cosmetic treatment while working hard to ensure that you feel at ease while you’re here and satisfied when you leave.

Dr. Kim provides a unique perspective in that he is able to provide Dental Implant Surgery and World Class Dental Esthetics under one roof. Dr Kim is considered an expert in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry among his dentist and periodontist colleagues, and has been Board Certified by the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry.

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