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“Teeth-in-a-day”, “Teeth-in-one-day”, “Same Day Dental Implants”, however you’ve heard it described, is exactly what it sounds like: a set of teeth or dental implants being placed in on the same day you come in for your visit. Utilizing the All-on-4® treatment concept, Dr. Kim is able to offer this procedure in which 4-6 implants are placed in with a full set of teeth connected onto them in just one visit.

How Does It Work?

Through meticulous pre-planning and experience by Dr. Kim, a patient will be able to walk in for their appointment at Pacific Smiles with a denture or a set of missing teeth and leave that same day with a complete set of teeth. This is possible due to extensive planning beforehand, utilizing 3D-CT scan technology, the All-on-4® treatment concept, and advanced implant techniques. Dr. Kim “virtually” plans your surgery before your surgery date with the aid of this modern technology, ensuring that everything is planned out and covered in its entirety for the actual surgery.

How Long Does It Take?

There are one or two planning visits that you will come in for prior to the surgery date. This is when Dr. Kim will “virtually” plan for your surgery, resulting in the creation of 3D surgical guides and your new set of full teeth to be implemented on the surgery day. After the surgery, your bone will need to fully integrate with the implants, which takes about 3-4 months. After it has fully integrated, the temporary teeth are removed and your new, final set of teeth are placed in permanently.

Teeth In A Day Complimentary Consultation in Redondo Beach

If you believe Teeth In A Day Dental Implants is right for you, Dr. Kim at Pacific Smiles is happy to provide you a complimentary consultation that will go over your options in an unbiased, no pressure environment. Contact us today and let us help craft the perfect smile for you.

Additional Information:

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Having been open for over a decade, Pacific Smiles has had repeated patient satisfaction with successful results. Dr. Kim has performed many difficult Implant Dentistry and Cosmetic cases, leaving the patient with a beautiful smile that looks natural.



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The Visit

Dr. Kim will provide an honest assessment and review all your cosmetic or dental implant needs. And based upon your expectations and budget he will review all your options from the very basic to the most complex in an informative and easy to understand manner.

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