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Ashamed, Embarrassed, or Just Dislike Your Current Smile?

If the 2-3 years associated with conventional metal braces, or the high cost of porcelain veneers doesn’t sound appealing then the Six Month Power Braces Technique may be the answer you’ve been searching for.Six Month Power Braces is an innovative orthodontic technique that utilizes a quick and affordable way to give you the smile you always wanted in just six months- that’s right, Six months! Utilizing clear braces and tooth colored elastics, these nearly invisible braces are an aesthetic alternative to conventional metal orthodontics, providing amazing results in just six months.


Jeff smiling in a before shot with overcrowded and rotated teeth   Jeff smiling with straight teeth after having braces for five and a half months

What is the Difference Between Six Month Braces and Traditional Orthodontics?

Conventional or comprehensive orthodontics usually involves changing the way the teeth come together in the back, which often dramatically increases treatment time.  However, in the Six Month Power Braces technique, the patients existing bite is maintained, allowing much quicker results to be realized. As the name implies, this type of short term adult orthodontics primarily focuses on the Cosmetic repositioning of  teeth which affects your smile.  By placing these teeth in their most ideal location, a great smile is achieved quickly and painlessly.

How Does Six Month Power Braces Work and Is It Painful?

First introduced in the early 1980′s the Six Month Power Braces technique utilizes the use of NI-Ti wires. These wires exert a light continuous force to gently move the teeth to their desired position. In addition we use clear or tooth colored brackets and rubber elastics to make our braces less noticeable and more esthetic. Because we use very gentle forces, the discomfort associated with tooth movement is no more and often less than conventional orthodontics.  In some more severe crowding situations as shown above, the technique requires gentle polishing or interproximal reduction of teeth called Reprox.  It is a very conservative, painless way to help alleviate crowding and create the space necessary for a beautiful smile.

In What Types of Situations Can Six Month Power Braces Work?

Whether your teeth are crowded together, overlapped, or have spaces between them, the Six Month Power Braces technique can transform your smile in a matter of months and give you that smile you’ve always wanted.  If however, more complex bite or jaw relations are present, a referral for traditional orthodontics will be indicated.

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