Porcelain Veneers – Customizing the Perfect Smile

Dental Veneers is an excellent option for the cosmetic enhancement of your teeth to create a beautiful smile. It is an ideal solution for those with broken or extremely discolored teeth or for those patients who are unhappy with the general shape or length of their teeth. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are custom made to match the shape and color that best suit your teeth. They are bonded onto the front of teeth to create an attractive and natural looking smile. Once bonded into place, they are extremely strong and durable.

While many dentists provide this type of cosmetic dental treatment, often times the standard “cookie cutter” veneer approach is utilized, resembling a mouthful of white chicklets. This results in a rather generic-looking smile, lacking in the personality and warmth that a well crafted set of veneers can provide.

At Pacific Smiles, rest assured that Dr. Kim will NOT design a smile or veneer with a “cookie cutter” style approach. Utilizing the patients’ facial features and natural tooth formation, each veneer is customized and designed to balance out and compliment facial features without overpowering the face. Additionally, Dr. Kim prides himself on designing a veneer to look like a tooth and not a veneer. The goal of every smile makeover should be, “Wow, what a great smile!”, and NOT “nice set of veneers!”

Those unhappy with the shape and size of their teeth, or those who have chipped, worn and discolored teeth are ideal candidates for Porcelain Veneers with this customized design approach. Treatment is usually completed in just two visits. So, if you have ever been embarrassed or unhappy with your smile please inquire about our customized smile design services here at Pacific Smiles.

A headshot of Lauren smiling before having veneers with discolored teeth


Lauren smiling with Porcelain Veneers from Dr. Kim at Pacific Smiles Dental


I spend a lot of time picking the right solution and the right shape, width, and color to fit and complement the patient. We want your teeth to blend in and look natural – not to overpower your face. We put in the extra time to make sure our patients look natural.”

Dr. Fred Kim

Marie smiling without veneers with uneven and discolored teeth

Veneers: Before

Marie smiling with white, beautiful straight teeth with veneers

Veneers: After

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