Why does the cost of dental implants vary so much?

These days with multiple dental offices offering prices ranging from $1299, $1499, $2999 and even up to $5000 the confusion can be dizzying. However the overall cost of treatment usually comes down to the type of implant used, the type of abutment used (connecting piece to the crown), and the type of crown placed on the implant.

About 5 years ago the patents for three major implant brands (nobel bio-care, straumann, astra) expired. This enabled many other companies to come out with generic versions or clones of these major implant brands at half or even ¼ of the cost. So what usually cost the dentist $300-$5000, could now be purchased for between $69-$99.

When searching out offices for your dental implant, please do your due diligence on not only cost but:

  1. Training and Experience of the implant Surgeon
  2. Is a 3D-CT scan used to plan for the ideal placement?
  3. What is the brand of implant?
  4. Is the abutment(connecting piece to the implant) custom or pre-fabricated
  5. What is the material of the final crown, and will it look natural?

What Kind of Dental Implant Does Dr. Kim Place?

The honest fact is that whether a Dental Implant is a generic clone or a premium implant, they all work! So while generic or clone implants have been proven to be very successful in a wide variety of applications, Dr. Kim has made the decision to not use generic or clone implants because they are essentially copies of well known implants, but utilizing old technology.

Having used multiple systems in the last 10 years, starting with Straumann, then Astra, Dr. Kim has selected the MegaGen Anyridge implant as his go to implant. It is a Premium Implant with years of proven success and has cutting edge features in regards to the surface treatment and connection type. He believes it is the future of dental implants, as many of the major three implant companies are now starting to come out with their own versions of implants which duplicate the Megagen Anyridge design